How do these bags handle the moisture from breathing?

I spent 65 nights (it was supposed to be 152) outside in the winter to test various bags and configurations. Unfortunately, the coldest it got was 13°F. But, in spite of that, every night I spent enclosed in one of my bags, I had no problem with moisture build-up.

This is proof...

What's it like to sleep out in a bag saturated with water and ice?

This video was made spontaneously. When I looked outside and saw my bag laying there, I realized that it had been there for 4 days during the freezing rain, sleet and warmer temperatures that had melted some of the snow. When I used it four days earlier, it had been -12°F.

I HAD to go out and try it. Enjoy!

This video shows you how to take your measurements for any of the sleeping bag models

You'll want to watch it all the way through! ;)

3°F night outside, no tent.

This is a night I spent out in November. I tried it with wet booties. Temperature was 3°F. Good information about wet foam booties. Wring them out good! :)

How tough is the fabric I use for the bags?

People ask me, "How tough is the material that you use for the sleeping bags?"
I made a pad for my dog out of some scrap foam and some scrap outer fabric that I use for the black bags. This is what he does to his pad, and he does this a LOT, and I have yet to find any tears in the fabric. (BTW, I haven't clipped his nails...)

Video testimonial

I gave a friend of mine one of my sleeping bags for Christmas... over a YEAR later he finally uses it and REALLY finds out just how good they are! He told me later that he was just not excited about a "foam" sleeping bag. Fortunately, he had the opportunity to actually use it.

This is his story.