What do my customers have to say?
I slept in a foam sleeping bag during the AZ camp out a week or so ago. Just for a little background on me, I am an AZ native. I don't like cold. I get very, VERY, cranky when I get cold. The temp drops to 50 (I know, I KNOW!, 50 isn't REALLY cold...but it is to ME)and my feet turn into blocks of ice, and I start to shiver and can't stop.

So anyway, when my husband came into the tent and took away my Wiggy's bag with the wool blanket inside, I was a little perturbed. I'd already had two slightly uncomfortable nights on that cot, and I was not looking forward to freezing through another one. I'll admit to being a bit of a skeptic. Ok, I'll even admit to rolling my eyes just a little when people talk about foam. But hey, no one ever said I wasn't up for a good adventure, so I decided to give it a shot. I even removed some of my layers that I slept in the nights before (thermal garments, thermal underwear, shirt, pants, microfleece jacket, gloves and two pairs of socks. I take staying warm serious, ok?) and only went with a couple layers of thermals and one pair of socks. Trust me, that was pushing it.

But I'm telling you people, that sleeping bag rocked.

My first concern was that it would be cold getting into it. The Wiggy's bag is cold at first....and if I start off cold, its hard for me to get warm....which is why I use a wool blanket inside. The foam bag warmed right up, the instant I got in.

My second concern would be the feet part. I don't like feeling constricted...and I especially don't like the idea of a mummy bag. The foam bag is shaped like a mummy bag, but it doesn't feel like you're strapped into a straitjacket.

Its also really comfy. Nice and padded. I really liked that. A cool feature is the little cover that goes over your face after you tighten the hood around your head. That kept things nice and warm too.

So, the night I spent in the foam bag was fabulous, right along til the point where my 3 year old had to climb in with me. Which is sort of cool...there's lots of space for another little body to snuggle in. (Or that's a detriment, depends on how you look at it. ) She really liked the little glowy zipper pull. In fact, she had to spend about 30 minutes at 3 am telling me all about it.

The only real problem I had was the zipper...I had a hard time zipping the thing up. I think that has more to do with the layers involved than anything else. The quality of the sewing and materials is excellent, and I would expect it to last for many many years. The bag is also designed to have layers put in or taken out, although I didn't mess with that, I just went for the warmest I could make it.

All in all, its a great sleeping bag. Two thumbs up!

- Rizzo Chapman from Arizona, USA

Hi John,

just like to send you a small report about your incredible product [RAPTOR].

I moved over to Uruguay last December for searching for a peaceful place to live and finally found my paradise. I was on the road for 6 month with my bike and trailer and permanently living in a tent, using your [RAPTOR] every day for this 6 month.

I just finished a small wooden cabin and still sleep in your bag, because it is sooooooooo comfortable. Even in summer I felled extremely comfortable, no sweating at all and now as the colder weather approaches your bag is a real gem.

The only SMALL issue I have is jamming of the zipper (My comment: I solved the jamming zipper issue since he purchased his bags), because I can use only one arm and I guess this is the problem.

All the seams in top condition and after daily hard using no problems at all. The workmanship is 'TOP NOTCH', absolutely perfect.

I used your bag many times it without a tent, got soaked and never felled uncomfortable. An absolutely incredible product and I hope you will stay in business for a long time to give this great product to many peoples.

I have used countless sleeping bags from top manufacturers, but nothing comes even close to your product.

Oh yeah, there is one more small issue, the size for transporting, but in my case it was actually not a big problem, just put it on the top of my trailer.

Thanks for this great product.

Oh yeah, my wife loves the boots, she wears them every day.

Kindest regards and enjoy your day

- Peter from Malaysia


You are a genius, wonderful, talented, smart and knowledgeable.

I slept out last night, with a ground cover on the grass. I wore cotton sweat bottoms, socks, flannel shirt and a stocking cap. Temp was 37 just after 10. I have a wireless temperature device. I put the sensor part next to my head on the grass. There was no wind.

First thing I noted was now bright it was outside, nearly a full moon. As I zippered up the side and pulled over the hood I noticed your glow in the dark zipper pull tab. Did I mention you are a genius! What a neat idea! I decided to zip up the hood and realized that I am not used to sleeping that covered up. so I unzipped it about 75% and just had the small slit for air. I pull up the draft cloth and waited for sleep. I practiced turning on my sides. I found the bag was perfect for my size. I did not feel cramped at all.

When camping the first thing that always happens to me is cold feet. Last night - NONE!!!!!!

I woke up twice. Once about mid-night (didn't have my watch), the moon's light was shining right were my closed eyes were through the small slit. I stuck my head out looked around and then got back in. It was cold. I awoke again when the tarp I was sleeping on was making flapping noise against the bag from the wind that was blowing. I again poked my head out and realized it was colder. I got back in and due to the wind now coming in, I zippered up about 2/3rds of the way. It got warm fast and I pulled my hat off. Slept till 4:30 which is my regular wake up time.

Came in the house and looked at the temperature. The device said that it had gone down to 25 during the night. Where I live by the Jordan river it gets colder than the surrounding areas.

I was warm all night. I wish now that I had not used the sweat bottoms. Maybe tonight.

I know that it was not really cold. But this is giving me confidence.

I am a little sore from the hard ground, but once I showered, I feel okay. I am a side sleeper so I need more cushioning and a thicker and bigger pillow.

I am really impressed. Can't wait for a weekend with near zero temperatures.

I will be showing the bag to my friends. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I forget to mention that you are a genius? :)

Thanks so much for the bags and the time you spent showing my wife and I your bags at your folks. I really appreciate what you have done for us. Your bags have now filled a giant hole in my preps. I had good sleeping bags but this will make a big difference in waking up each day ready to go to work instead of shivering and being cold. Waiting for the sun and the camp fire to make you warm.

I look forward to sharing more of my cold weather sleeping experiences with you. Now I just need to get my wife out there. I even thought about telling her that we will turn down the thermostat and open the window and throw the bags on top of the bed for her. That will be a big step for her.

Anyway thanks again.

- Mark Gotberg from Utah, USA

Show me the bags :)