What do my customers have to say?
My wife and I got our bags from John a few weeks ago. The quality is top notch. We are both hard to impress, but the design, stitching, etc. are all perfect. I got an Expedition model while my wife got a Base camp. They are configured to zip together if we want as well.

We tried spending a night in them but they are just too warm for sleeping indoors. Another night, I removed the liner and used that. It was very comfortable. These are true 4 season bags. In fact, you get 3 bags in 1. The liner is a summer bag. The 1 inch main bag is great for Spring or Fall and you use both together for Winter.

I am no expert, but I really think the difference between these foam bags and a Wiggy's or other high end bag is comparing apples and oranges. They server different purposes. In my mind, a Wiggy's bag is great for camping, hiking, etc. If you are using your bag daily in cold weather, the moisture will build up in a non foam bag, decreasing the insulating ability and making the bag heavier. The foam bags do not retain moisture so they do not lose their insulating ability, nor do they get weighed down. However, they are not as packable because they just don't compress down like other bags and they weigh more than an ultra-light bag.

Given the uses I foresee for these, I think the foam option suits my family best. If you see any need for a long term cold weather solution I can unequivocally recommend John's bags. They are pricey, but the alternative is worse in my opinion.

- Mike Nauta from Utah, USA

I just have to write and tell you how awesome your foam sleeping bags are. I slept one night in my sleeping bag and the next night in this foam sleeping bag. What a difference! I HATE my face being cold at night so I really loved how my face was totally enclosed and warm without any claustrophobia. Low temperature for both of the nights was 38 degrees. I was comfortably warm. These foam bags are amazing!

- Angie from New Mexico, USA

Hi John,

just like to send you a small report about your incredible product [RAPTOR].

I moved over to Uruguay last December for searching for a peaceful place to live and finally found my paradise. I was on the road for 6 month with my bike and trailer and permanently living in a tent, using your [RAPTOR] every day for this 6 month.

I just finished a small wooden cabin and still sleep in your bag, because it is sooooooooo comfortable. Even in summer I felled extremely comfortable, no sweating at all and now as the colder weather approaches your bag is a real gem.

The only SMALL issue I have is jamming of the zipper (My comment: I solved the jamming zipper issue since he purchased his bags), because I can use only one arm and I guess this is the problem.

All the seams in top condition and after daily hard using no problems at all. The workmanship is 'TOP NOTCH', absolutely perfect.

I used your bag many times it without a tent, got soaked and never felled uncomfortable. An absolutely incredible product and I hope you will stay in business for a long time to give this great product to many peoples.

I have used countless sleeping bags from top manufacturers, but nothing comes even close to your product.

Oh yeah, there is one more small issue, the size for transporting, but in my case it was actually not a big problem, just put it on the top of my trailer.

Thanks for this great product.

Oh yeah, my wife loves the boots, she wears them every day.

Kindest regards and enjoy your day

- Peter from Malaysia

Show me the bags :)