What do my customers have to say?
These things ROCK bud...I show them to everyone...t shirt 'n boxers in
30-40 a few times in the last few weeks...
I've been posting them on my Facebook...
Thanks for a great product bud!

- Kelly Alwood (onPointTactical.com) from Indiana, USA

I would like to offer a ringing endorsement to the quality and utility of John's foam bags. I have one that I gotta say is a phenomenal sleeping system. I have a base camp model that is a great night's sleep. My bag will keep me warm to far colder than I can even test. It just does not get cold enough here.

The seams are expertly sewn, zippers are heavy duty, and the design comfortable and easy to use. In short, I was a foam bag skeptic who can admit when I am wrong. These bags rock!

- Kevin Reeve (onPointTactical.com) from New Jersey, USA

- Brent Haines (Wood Sounds.com) from Mapleton, Utah

Show me the bags :)