For the time being, I have chosen to go with a no moving parts hammock suspension webbing widget.  This will still allow for one-handed operation in tightening and loosening the webbing.   It will also costs less to produce. Below is a rendered image of the design.  I will post a […]

Titanium option?

Thank you everyone!  Your feedback has been extremely valuable! And due to that feedback, I was laying awake last week and I couldn’t sleep because I was wondering how I could improve this product for the hammock suspension webbing. The destructive testing on the original design rated to the original […]

Destructive testing and a new design

I want to thank everyone for their participation in the poll and the feedback you have given! The results are in! (please read past the poll results) There were some fun and creative submissions! The people who submitted the top three names, WebLock, HammLock, and Lever-Lok will receive two of […]

Poll results and final options!

I love hammock camping and when using webbing straps to suspend my hammock I found that the traditional metal triangles used to create the friction on the webbing that held the hammock up were difficult to undo (I like hanging it tight). And once, I got so frustrated in trying […]

The soon-to-be-named webbing friction lock/adjuster

Fleece Liner 2
How do you improve on the most comfortable sleeping bag available? I’m starting to experiment with the option of making them with 100% polyester fleece as the lining fabric. This winter I will be comparing 2 foam bags (1 with the polyester liner fabric, the other with the fleece liner […]

Experimenting with a fleece liner option

New blog.  I haven’t done this much, so be patient. 🙂

New Blog