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All custom/tailored bags start out at $0.00. As you build your bag, your price will be shown below.  You will be contacted for your exact measurements as these bags are made to order.

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Measure around your chest and include the arms, relaxed at your side.

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Custom print

If you want a custom print (other than black) of the sleeping bag fabric, please select from below.



The Pakanuni Rapture sleeping bag is part of a sleeping system that can be used alone or with an other Pakanuni sleeping bag.

  • It is completely reversible, so it doesn’t matter which side you want the zipper to be on, it will accommodate.
  • Has a large blanket flap that traps in the heat and is very flexible in the way it can be used to keep you warm. It also does away with the inconvenience of a drawcord.
  • It is modular, in that you can nest it (put one Pakanuni sleeping bag inside another Pakanuni sleeping bag) and create a bag that has a lower temperature rating. This system reduces the need for individual sleeping bags designed for different seasons. When a Pakanuni sleeping bag is nested, it also remains completely reversible.
  • You can zip two Rapture sleeping bags side by side to share the created space with your loved one. This can be done even with nested bags (see previous bullet).
  • Every Pakanuni sleeping bag comes with a storage bag, camp pillow, and zipper baffle. See accessories for details.
  • You can earn a $40.00 refund on a new Pakanuni sleeping bag. Just send us your old sleeping bag after receiving your new Pakanuni bag. We will clean and repair it if needed, then donate it to a local homeless shelter. Click here for details.
  • Tech specs, care instructions, and warranty below.

Material: Fabrics are a breathable, water and wind resistant polyester taffeta

Insulation: Climshield, a monofilament polyester fiber that retains its loft and shape without clumping even after years of washing, and requires no quilting to keep it in place, making an even loft across the entire bag with no quilting cold spots.

Shape: Mummy or Rectangle

Zipper: YKK zipper includes a glow in the dark zipper pull that glows all night long, allowing you to easily get out when nature calls in the wee hours of the morning. YKK also provides durability and long life for years of service.

Storage Sack: Yes. Made of a highly breathable muslin. 31″x14″ with a drawcord.

Camp Pillow: Yes. Made of the same materials that the bags are made of, except there is no zipper.

Compression Sack: Sold separately. This nylon bag is available in different sizes. It includes a drawstring closure and compression straps. Sizing and information available here.

Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime

Temperature Guarantee: One year


Storing Your Bag:

Store your sleeping bag (rolled is better than stuffed) in the provided storage bag. Use a method of compression (compression sack or stuffing it into your pack) only when compression is needed. Available here.

Cleaning Your Bag:

It is best to wash your sleeping bag with no other items in a front loading washing machine, or a top loading washing machine that does not have a center agitator.

  • Unzip your bag completely, shake it out, and pretreat any stains before putting it in the washing machine.
  • Add HALF the amount of LIQUID detergent you would normally use for a full load. (Liquid detergent dissolves much better than powder and does not leave a powdery residue at colder temperatures.)
  • Use a WARM wash regular cycle and a COLD rise.
  • To dry, put it in the dryer at a LOW HEAT setting, or you can hang it to dry. It may take more than one cycle to dry your bag if you use the dryer.


  • Do not wring out or iron your sleeping bag.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Even though your sleeping bag’s fabric is UV resistant, the color WILL eventually fade if you hang it in direct sunlight to dry.
  • Dry cleaning is not recommended and offers no benefits for this product.

Under proper care, your sleeping bag will last for years.

Life Time Warranty

All sleeping bags come with a lifetime warranty.  If it is damaged for any reason, send it back to us and we will repair or replace it at our discretion. You pay for shipping the bag to us, and we will cover shipping back to you.

Temperature Rating Guarantee

We want you to be completely happy with your Pakanuni Sleeping Bag!  Sometimes the stated ratings aren’t quite the right match.  So, we offer a 1 year “temperature rating guarantee,” because everyone sleeps differently.

Within 1 year of purchase, if the temperature rating of your new bag does not keep you warm (or you are too warm), you may exchange it for a bag with a more compatible temperature rating for you.

You pay the difference in price for a lower temperature rated bag, or we refund you the difference in price for a higher temperature rated bag.  We’ll even cover the shipping of your new bag to you!

However, before you take advantage of this awesome guarantee, you may want to consider the versatility of the nested system (putting one Pakanuni sleeping bag inside another Pakanuni sleeping bag to make it warmer).


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